Tiny ZAT/ACO® We provide expert, cost effective, reliable solutions to help our customers realize their IT enterprise vision.
 Our goal is to establish our customers as leaders in the successful implementation of Information Technology.

Enterprise Security and Networking

  • Security Services
    • Network hardening and auditing
    • Information Security auditing and training
    • Business continuity planning and Disaster recovery planning
    • VPN configuration, installation, and maintenance
    • Firewall configuration, installation, and maintenance
    • Intrusion detection system design and deployment
    • Penetration testing and vulnerability scanning

  • Network Services
    • TCP/IP (v4 and v6), IPSec, VPN, MPLS, and Metro-Ethernet solutions
    • Network design and evaluation services
    • Network diagramming and documentation
    • Router configuration, installation, and maintenance
    • Serial TTYs and Thin client setup and maintenance

  • Configuration services
    • OpenBSD
    • Linux
    • Cisco

Custom Software Development

  • Application development for Web platforms, Linux, BSD, OS/400, and AIX
  • Programming services in a variety of environments and languages including C++, C, PHP, Perl, and SQL databases
  • List Foundry© Software for Windows

Small Business Networks

  • Microsoft Windows networking
  • Wireless networking

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