Providing advanced security and information technology consulting services to business and institutions.


Dr. Jerkins has over 30 years of experience in cyber security, enterprise networking, and Internet systems. We provide expert, cost effective, reliable solutions to help our customers realize their IT enterprise vision. Our goal is to establish our customers as leaders in the successful implementation of Information Technology.

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Using a goal-oriented software development strategy, we design, test, implement, and maintain custom software projects on a variety of contemporary unix-like platforms. We have over 30 years of experience delivering software that is designed to meet your expectations. Contact us today for more information about custom development.

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Company Profile

Started in 1988, James Jerkins Computer Consulting specializes in securely integrating information technology into business and institutional processes. We are specially trained to analyze the constraints and demands that make each information system unique and to design and implement an overall strategy to enhance productivity and improve efficiency.

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