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Version 1.09.11

Copyright © 1996 Acoustitech Software & James Jerkins Computer Consulting

List Foundry is a list management application for


A "NOT in your face" design philosophy is pervasive throughout List Foundry. It is not conventional and may seem a bit strange at first, but in the long run you'll wonder why all software isn't designed this way. Many program functions execute immediately without annoying you for details. For instance, "Delete Name" from the pop-up menu or the DELETE key will remove the highlighted name without further interrogation. List Foundry operates with the understanding that you actually meant to delete the highlighted name instead of playing twenty questions before finally relenting and removing the highlighted name. If you accidentally deleted the name, "Undelete Name" allows you to retrieve the selected names.

Modern software is, on average, reprehensible considering the available technology. Most notable in contemporary software development is the complete lack of goal oriented design in interfaces. List Foundry's design reflects a belief that software must get better.

Prints address labels on dot matrix, inkjet, or laser printers
PostNet® bar codes print on address labels (printer dependent)
Print addresses directly on newsletters
Name lists may be sorted on any field
Finds names based on their English pronounciation
One or more names may be copied or moved between lists
List may be combined or separated with List Foundry
Import and export of name lists to and from other applications
List Foundry is keyboard friendly, no mouse required
Popup menu from the right mouse button
Speedy buttonbar underneath the menu

=-= ATTENTION! =-=


      Users are expected to register and pay for the license
                        to use List Foundry.

      List Foundry is offered on a 30 day trial basis.  Once
       the trial period expires, you are expected to either
         register or destroy your copy of List Foundry.

     Registered users will receive an activation key that will
      serialize their copy and unlock the crippled functions.
       Also, registered users will be eligible for technical
                 support and future enhancements.

Register List Foundry
Download the registration form or print this section of the page, complete the blanks and mail it with your payment.

Registration is $18 (U.S. funds only) for a single cpu license. List Foundry is licensed per machine to a single user (i.e. one copy, installed once, per license). Site licensing deals are available by inquiry. Registration benefits include software support via the internet, crippled functions are unlocked, and eligibility for future enhancements.

Include the following data when registering :

User Name to register - ______________________________

Activation Key - _____________________________________

Installed Folder - ___________________________________

System Name - ________________________________________

(all of the above may be found by clicking on LIST - REGISTRATION)

Name - _______________________________________________

Street Address - _____________________________________

City, State, Zip - ___________________________________

Email address - ______________________________________

Mail this completed form with your payment to :

James Jerkins Computer Consulting
ATTN - List Foundry Registration
1809 North Wood Avenue
Florence AL, 35630-2156

Download List Foundry - Trial Version
===> DO NOT install over previous releases!
Drop us a note and get directions BEFORE you attempt to upgrade previous releases.
This version supersedes all previous builds, V1B1 - V1B9f, and 1.09.07.

Download the installation package into a temporary folder and use PKUnzip® or WinZip® to extract the setup files. Double click on SETUP after the extraction is complete and follow the prompts.

Read this first then download List Foundry Version 1.09.11

Developed with Borland Delphi®

Software piracy is a crime. It deprives developers of a justly earned reward for their efforts. Software is intellectual property and illegal duplication is theft. Do something about it, for more information contact the S.P.A. Piracy Hotline.

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List Foundry is Copyright © 1996 by Acoustitech Software and James Jerkins Computer Consulting
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