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Privacy and Security

CERT's Home Computer Security Guide
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Identity Theft
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
US National ID passes May 10, 2005 - Find out more here
More information on the REALID act
National Cyber Security Alliance
DARPA's Total Information Awareness
FBI's Magic Lantern
Echelon Global Surveillance System
Echelon Watch
Robert Graham's Carnivore FAQ (Carnivore retired Jan 2005)
Bill of Rights Defense Committee
S^4 Project - Self Service Security Scan

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Computing Topics

Association of Computing Machinery
Internet Science Journal
James Jerkins Computer Consulting

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Computer Goodies

New List Foundry© 1.09.08
Shareware Contact/Mailing List Manager
Tiny ZAT/ACO® James Jerkins Computer Consulting
E-business card and time wasting game for Windoze
Mozilla.org Firefox browser
Secure, fast browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux
Mozilla.org Mozilla Browser and Email
Planet earth's best browser suite for Windows, Mac, and Linux
Pegasus© Pegasus© Email Client
Superb email client for Windows®
Password Safe Password Safe
A secure tool for storing passwords for Windows, Linux and others
YAPS YAPS Password Safe
A secure tool for storing passwords on your Palm based PDA

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Library of Congress
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Legislative texts
U.S. Patent & Trademark office
National Science Foundation
Environmental Protection Agency
Internal Revenue Service
Securities & Exchange Commission
EDGAR on-line (SEC)
SEC ftp site (includes EDGAR)
National Weather service
Alabama Public Television
Alabama state goverment

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Search engines

Yahoo© index of Search Engines
Hot Bot©
News group (USENET) reader and search engine
Catalog of Listservers

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Local Interest

M.C.'s Hallelujah Hands
University of North Alabama
University of North Alabama Theatre Program
Alabama State Council on the Arts
Alabama online cultural events calendar
Tennessee Valley Art Association
Ritz Theatre, Center Stage Players
Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts
City of Florence, Alabama
Princess Theatre, Decatur AL

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